Thursday, June 26, 2014

You Should Go Write A Book

Just experienced a different and interesting experience thus fueling my different and interesting mood which is fuel for this blog post which I warn you may be all across the board in a good way.

Less recently but more so in our younger years I used to always follow up the stories of one of my best friends of close to 20 years with a "you should write a book."   The reason I would say this was because his southern upbringing led to a lot of interesting stories which were in my opinion designed to entertain. 

In one of the earlier posts I mentioned a book that  I will be releasing before the end of 2014.   My life and especially my last few years have inspired me to take my advice and write a book, a book that I hope will do more than just entertain but also teach, inspire and cause the reader to do more and feel motivated and propelled to move towards their desired life.   The rest of the post will be a teaser about two topics which will be covered in the book. 


Not going to go too much into this topic because I have written about the topic in both of my blogs.   The main thing here is whether your "loss" occurred in the past or if you are going through it now there may just be some good hidden in all the perceived dismal reality of the situation.   There may not even be any "bad" in the experience in hindsight.     Remember to take the wise advice of Shakespeare and remember that "There Is Nothing Good Or Bad But Thinking Makes It So."     Either today if there is still time or tomorrow I invite you to grab a clean piece of paper and a fresh writing utensil; or your smart phone, tablet, or laptop if you are living in the 21st century, I kid.     On top of the page write the problem that you are dealing with and fill out the entire page with what could be good about your situation.  See below for an example as would be written by US Men's Soccer Forward Clint Dempsey after the United States lost to Germany this morning by a score of 1-nil. 

problem >> We (US Men's Soccer Team) Lost To Germany In The World Cup
question >>  What Is Or Could Be Good About This?

  1. We advance to the next round of the World Cup playing Belgium on Tuesday
  2. We almost scored at the end of the game, which gives us some confidence as  a team
  3. We played a very good Germany team pretty well also giving us confidence
  4. Germany is so good that they exposed some of our weaknesses which will only help us get better in the long run
  5. ect.....ect...


You ever experience water running down the side of your glass versus pouring perfectly into it's desired destination? Well, this has something to do with surface tension and little to nothing to do with good luck or positive thinking.   You see, there are specific natural laws that govern the universe and apply to everyone regardless of circumstances.    If a cute three month old puppy were to accidentally run off a 30 storey balcony of a high rise apartment there is a near 100% chance that she will fall to her death.    Now this may not be fair or pleasant but there are some laws that are black and white and regardless of our perceived abilities we must work in conjunction with them as we are not able to defy gravity. 

The morals of today's post are to:
  • Stay Tuned For My First Book Coming In Late 2014
  • Sometimes A Loss Is A Win
  • Be In Alignment With The Forces of Nature
Until we read again, 


p.s.  Are you a writer or inspiring writer?
p.p.s.   Feel free to plug your literary works and/or ideas in the COMMENTS section below because we would LOVE to read all about it. 

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