Thursday, June 19, 2014

Paralysis By Analysis Or A Poor Self-Image

Why Some Folks Have More Success In Life?

At one of my old jobs I used to hang out with a fellow who used to tell me about his brother who went to multiple Tony Robbins seminars, spent a ton of time listening to self-help audios and reading self-help books yet he still lived with his parents well into his 30's and was serially unemployed.   One might think that someone with all this knowledge would be farther along in life. 

All of you Simpson's fans out there may remember an episode entitled "Homer's Enemy" in which a character by the name of Frank Grimes was introduced.    Frank Grimes lived in a small studio apartment above a bowling alley and below an other and despite having a degree in Nuclear Physics.   Frank Grimes was described as a person who "had to struggle for everything he ever got", even his job alongside Homer Simpson in Sector 7 G, which is a very low qualified job for those of you not familiar with the show. 

If you have not watched the episode a brief plot his Frank Grimes was jealous of Homer Simpson's life and perceived affluence despite being a lazy oaf because this was in direct violation of his philosophy that a person has to work hard for everything in life.      Frank Grimes, or Grimy as Homer called him,  went crazy and after an emotional breakdown accidentally killed himself via electrocution at the end of the episode because he just was so jealous of Homer Simpson and the life he led.     You can see a photo of Frank Grimes below. 

review_grimes_1.jpg (400×533)

Do you know someone like this?    Someone who is unusually smart and/or works very hard but has little to nothing to show for it?   Or maybe you know someone on the other extreme, someone of below or average intelligence who moves through life effortlessly and always seems to be comfortable and has an outward appearance of success?

Isn't this interesting how this works?    Keeping in mind that these instances are usually the exception, not the rule because there are plenty of smart, hard-working folks out there that are quite successful and there are plenty of unintelligent lazy folks living in poverty.    Doesn't it make you wonder how this extreme comes to pass?

The fellow I described in the first paragraph can fall into the category of "paralysis by analysis" where he knows what to do but his fear prevents himself from moving forward and doing anything.    This form of procrastination is causing this fellow to attend seminar after seminar, listen to tape after tape and read book after book in a fruitless search for the one thing that will bring instant success but won't take any action toward his goals and passions.  

Frank Grimes can be categorized as someone with an inaccurate self-image.    Someone who sees himself as someone who constantly has to struggle and work hard just to eek a minimal existence.    Things usually get worse for this type of person and rarely if ever gets better and they eventually live an entire life of quiet desperation. 

The moral of today's story is if you or someone  you know suffers from Paralysis by Analysis or Poor Self image I urge you to get help.   Not for my sake but for yours only because you are better than you think that you are, you are more than you think you are.   There are many outstanding resources out there that can help you.    If you want to wait you can write me and place a hold on my book which is coming out late 2014. 

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p.s.   Quote of The Day::

 ‘The intelligent want self-control; children want candy.’

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