Monday, June 16, 2014

Looking For Something You Can't Find?

Online Versus Organic Dating

Whether or not you are a Self-Sufficient Single Parent or just a Self-Sufficient Single, dating can be an interesting adventure.    Today's message is about the differences between online dating and organic dating and helping you find what might work best for you. 


Online Dating >>   Solely based on looks.   If you are not someones particular "type" you may never get any interest from your ideal mate.     HOWEVER, if a person posts photographs that highlights their strengths and you have a good online and offline (telephone) dialogue you may just hit it off with this person before the first date. 

Organic Dating >>   Based off looks.    If you approach someone and you are not their "type" or are approached by someone who is not your type.   The interaction might end quickly and hopefully politely.   I have heard folks say that looks don't matter when you meet someone in person so long as you are having a great time and that may or may not be right. 


Online Dating >>   There are many sites out there that match folks based on compatible answers to questions, geographical areas and there are even websites for particular interest groups.     So in theory you may go into the experience knowing that you will at least like something about the other person.    However, ones persons definition of some answers may not be the same as your definition.    This is usually an easy way to find out whether or not your potential mate has children. 

Organic Dating>>    You may not know anything about this person and starting from scratch or maybe you meet at a concert or at an event that you both have a common interest in.   However, something as important as children or whether or not this person is obsessed with sports, such as the World Cup, may or may not come up until after you have completely fallen for this person. 


Online Dating>>   There are many sites that are known as "hook-up" sites, sites dedicated to someone who is looking to settle down with the one and live happily ever after to anything and everything in between.   So in theory it is easier to find someone looking for the same thing that you are looking for. 

Organic Dating>>  Intent probably won't come up unless you explicitly ask right off the bat, risking coming off as too desperate or can luck out by being serendipitiously matched with someone. 

So, in summary the best way to find your special someone is whatever method works best for you because both methods has it's pluses and minuses.    At the end of the day you have to ask yourself if you are with someone who is making you a better person when you are with them because that is a big key to your ultimate happiness. 

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