Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Life Lesson Inspired By The Movie "Frozen"

Why A Five Year Old Knows More About Goal Setting Than You Might


For the first time in months I can take my daughters to a shopping mall or a large store and not be constantly asked for a "Frozen" toy or trinket.  Maybe it's because it is because most stores are sold out of anything having to do with Frozen besides the DVD.    Maybe it's  because the girls have learned not to ask for anything unless there is a special occasion such as a holiday or birthday.   Or maybe it is because they already own any Frozen-Related item that they could ever want.      Regardless of the reason I am loving the result. 

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The last item that was purchased for the girls was a blonde wig of the movie's main character Elsa.    The item was pretty costly so I decided to pass on the purchase approximately five months ago when it first came up.    This an interesting thing happened a couple months later.     The fabulous law of Supply and Demand took hold and and all of a sudden the wig was no where to be found.    Now not only was my daughter wanting the item and consistently and persistently asking for it my male fatherly goal oriented mind took over and I was committed to finding the item and purchasing it for her. 


As we were on the way to the shopping mall I phoned the store that would have had the item and wasn't surprised when I heard the spiel that all Frozen items were sold out, how they had a limited supply, etc.     When we got to the shopping mall my daughter insisted that we go to that particular store and I opted against it because I already knew that we would just be spinning our wheels but she won the discussion as most cute five-year old little girls do so we eventually went to the store. 

When we walked into the store I asked the nearest available associates to take me to their remaining selection of "Frozen" items and she walked us to a small pathetic section of the store that looked like the "winter section" at the Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna in the film.     "You Hoo" 

We quickly noticed that the wig was not available so one of my daughters stayed by my side while I engaged with some obligatory small-talk about the popularity of Frozen with the helpful associate and unbeknownst to me the daughter who wanted the wig wandered off.      

We were interrupted mid-sentence by my daughter screaming "Daddy Look What I Found!!!" and she was literally embracing and kissing the packaging in which the wig came in.   It was almost as though she pulled this thing out of thin air, she said that it was lodged in between a couple displays.     The cashier told us that they had a return about five minutes prior from a girl who had received multiple wigs from her relatives.      Talk about serendipity. 

The moral of today's story is to go over the five steps that my daughter unconsciously took to achieve her goal of owning an Elsa Wig. 

  1. Have a Clear Cut Objective>>   Have a clear cut target, in my daughters case it was an Elsa wig. 
  2. Positive Expectations >>      Despite external circumstances and the harsh effects of cause and effect my daughter still persistently and continuously asked for the object of her desire until she achieved it. 
  3. Engaged The Help Of Others >>   My little gal got me to buy into purchasing the wig for her to the point where I was spending my spare time trying to track down one of these wigs.    As a side note I even went as far as to obtain the number and call the Disney Stores at the theme parks to see if I can purchase and have the wig delivered.    Unfortunately they were sold out as well.  My daughter made it so I wanted to get her the wig almost as bad as she wanted to have it. 
  4. Detach From Outcome >>    "Let It Go" >>  Enough Said
  5. Persistence >>   Persistence pays
In his best-selling book Psycho Cybernetics Dr. Maxwell Maltz talks about how squirrels born in the spring instinctively starts to collect nuts for the winter in fall despite never having experienced a winter and how birds travel thousands of miles to migrate south for the winter and then back north again in the fall despite no high powered self-help courses in navigation or a state-of-the-art navigation system. 

Do you think that our children come pre-programmed with what they need to know in order to be successful in life and we and other adults unknowingly erode this ability over time?    Maybe maybe not.   You decide, COMMENT BELOW.

Until we read again, 


p.s.   POLL:   Will the summer help our children get over their maniacal obsession with the movie Frozen or will it only get stronger?    COMMENT BELOW.  

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