Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Source Of Your Strong Feelings For Lebron James

Making It To The Top Versus Starting From The Top

Legendary wrestler and coach Dan Gable once said; " The Only Place You Start At The Top Is Digging A Hole."   What he meant by this is that in order to get good at anything one has to pay their dues and learn through action.  

Since today's blog is starting out pretty sport themed I invite you to think about all the athletes that competed in either today's US Open Golf Tournament, World Cup Soccer Match or Game Four of the NBA Finals and think about the work that each one of them had to have put in to perform on that stage at that level.

Sure the respective sport may come easier to some of these athletes than their counterparts but there was not one athlete that showed up today fresh off the street and say something along the lines of "Hey my name is  Spectaculator, I am a master _____ player."   Before suiting up for the game and putting up record figures.    I could go on and on about all the time they've spent practicing throughout their lives and the number of teams they've been on throughout the same time ect ect but I am sure you get the picture.

Another thought that the previous example brought up is that these respective athletes are playing their respective sports doing what they are most good at and passionate about.    Now, I don't know enough about Lebron James to know whether or not he is a good golfer or soccer (futbol, for my readers not in the states) player but we may not have any media coverage about good ol' King James if he did not decide to play basketball for the Miami Heat.

The third and final thought today is about the vast amounts of money that these athletes are making, and for what.    FOR PLAYING A GAME!!!!!!!!!!   Yes, and not just any game but a game that they LOVE!!!!! So in summary these mega millionaire athletes are entertaining the masses, playing a meaningless game that they love.

So the moral of today's story is work hard learning about and improving on what you love and do it so well that the market can't help but pay you what you are worth.

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p.s.   When you arrive to your chosen level of success you can say something along the lines of you started from rock bottom and now you are here where 'here' is the top

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