Monday, June 30, 2014

The Gap Between Perceived Reality & What You Expect

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I found myself watching one of my favourite movies "Wolf Of Wall Street" for the fourth time earlier today.     The movie is beyond interesting and you know when you watch a movie multiple times you notice different things?    Today I noticed how anger may be caused when the gap between what we expect to happen and what actually happens or perceived reality is farther apart than what we hope for. 

The scene that made me notice this was towards the end of the movie after Jordan got indited and was talking about the details with his wife Naomi aka Duchess in their bedroom.    Jordan had this impression that his wife was going to be supportive while he was serving his prison sentence by staying with him and allowing him contact with his children.      When Naomi asked Jordan for a divorce, told him that she didn't love him and made him aware that she already consulted with an attorney: Jordan started yelling, slapped Naomi, ripped open the couch cushions, started snorting a pile of cocaine (after being clean for some time), punched Naomi in the stomach, woke his daughter Skylar and took her out of her bed, drove through a closing garage door and rammed his car into a wall...............   Arguably he did this all because of the gap between what he expected to happen over the next few years and the fear over what really might happen while he was imprisoned. 

What 'gaps' are currently making you angry?   Can you see where a 'gap' made you upset in your past?   Unfortunately I can and can fortunately see where a future with detached expectations can keep a lot of this useless energy out of our lives. 

What are your thoughts?   Comment below. 

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