Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Why You Could Like Sports?

What Sports Have To Do With The Human Condition

Yesterday while watching the World Cup Match between the United States and Ghana I felt something kismet and spiritual 30 seconds into the game and then again at the 86th minute.    This was when the US scored it's two goals against their opponent Ghana.    The feeling that I felt was that of connectedness; an invisible connection with the folks in the room watching the game with me, the folks who gathered together to watch the game across the country, our brave men and women stationed in Afghanistan who were watching on CCTV, even to the US players celebrating on the field.   It was almost as though there was a red, white and blue invisible cord of pride, loyalty, elation, happiness, etc simultaneously connecting us all at that very moment in time.
Balderdash, you say?  
        Isn't it just a game?   
             Maybe maybe not.
Another interesting phenomenon with yesterday's game was the second goal scored by a 21 year old man named John Brooks.    Brooks was not even supposed to be in the game, he was only playing because he was the substitution for one of his injured teammates.  Brooks made a last minute decision to play for the United States over Germany because of his dual citizenship.   The most interesting thing about Brooks is that he said that he had a dream that he scored a header goal for the United States in the 80th minute of a soccer match in the World Cup.      If you ever watched or even remotely understand soccer,  you would know that goals are hard to come by because of the level of international competitiveness.     What was most magical about John Brooks goal is that it was a header goal which was scored in the 86th minute of yesterday's game.
Coincidence?   Did Brooks really dream about this or did this series of events just happen?  You decide.
Next time you don't understand someone's obsession with sports or a particular team,  realise that there may be something more at play.   
But then again,  maybe it's just a game....
Until we read again,
p.s.   Have a cool sports story that transcends time and space and gave you an inexplicable "good feeling"?   Have you ever been in a situation where you hugged a complete stranger, gave a random fan a high five or give someone a strong pat on the back causing him or her to spill their drink all in the name of subconscious sports celebration?   If so, feel free to share your story below, we would love to read what you have to share.  

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