Friday, June 13, 2014

The World Cup, Karma & Your Favourite City That You've Never Been To

Did you watch the World Cup today?    WOW!     Literally got goosebumps every time I watched a goal being scored and the celebration thereafter.    Also I enjoyed listening to the radio broadcast of the game on the drive home, although it may have been better if Andres Cantor was calling the game.

Isn't it funny how people's energy effects us in various ways?

I know someone who states that anytime something bad or unfavorable happens to you that you are literally 'burning' off bad karma and once it's burned off that you are good for whatever you did to cause that karma.  One of my favourite Lil' Wayne lyrics is "what goes around comes around like a hula hoop, karma is a bitch so just make sure that bitch is beautiful."   I won't tell you what my second favorite Lil Wayne lyric is only because I may want to save it for another time.

The moral of today's post is put out good spiritual energy is  you want a good easy care free life.    This is not polly anna look through the world through rose coloured glassed balderdash either.   If you don't believe it you are welcome to give it a try and then comment on your results.

Until we read again,


p.s.   The favourite city that I have never been to would have to be Nacogdoches.   Why you ask?   Not really to sure.   But if you have ever been to or know anyone who has been to Nacogdoches or Stephen F Austin University leave me a comment!!!!!

p.p.s.   If you've ever down around Houston, head on Highway 59 and head up north to Nacogdoches

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