Friday, June 6, 2014

The Worst Job For The Summer

It's June, It's Hot EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for windshield sunshades because there are only a few things more unbearable than a 113 degree car that has been sitting in the sun all day.

So while driving around throughout the week I notice these people holding large signs for advertising purposes, I think a technical term for these folks would be street advertisers, sign holders, sign flippers etc. although in some circumstances they could be misconstrued as glorified pan handlers.

Now, you would think that this would be the most dreadful task that anyone would have to undertake in the summer months and that this task would only be assigned as some form of hazing, initiation or punishment. However from my experience it seems as though these folks really liked their jobs despite the extreme heat.  Read the brief description of three individuals I observed this week.....

Sign-holder.jpg (334×307)

TEXT GUY >>   I do not recall what kind of sign this fellow was holding because he was kind of holding the sign off to the side while he was playing with his telephone.   Talk about slacking on the job. Ha ha.

BARBER COLLEGE GUY >>  This guy was pretty cool.   He was wearing some awesome designer shades, and a tank showing off his semi-jacked physique.   This fellow was standing on a freeway off ramp holding a sign for a $7 haircut at a local barber college.  He was doing a fine job engaging the drivers by pointing at folks, waving at them and then and then pointing them towards the direction of the barber shop.   He seemed pretty stoked despite the intense temperature.

ROCK & ROLL GUY>>  Here was another cool fellow.   He had on some crazy shades, was wearing some bright lime green head phones and was playing his sign like a guitar while rocking out.    Just like TEXT GUY  I'm not sure who he was working for but it obviously looked like he was enjoying himself.

So, WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS.    The moral of the story is that it is not the task that makes a job enjoyable it's the individual and the mind-set that makes the job either fun or dreadful.    Just as easy as TEXT GUY, ROCK & ROLL GUY and BARBER COLLEGE GUY were engaging in what seemed to be enjoyable self amusement they could have used the same energy to complain how much their job sucked, looked like they were melting out in the hot sun or worse.      So next time you are bored or dissatisfied with any aspect of your job think about our friends the Street Sign Holders.

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