Thursday, May 29, 2014

Honk If You're Happy

So on my drive I saw a billboard that read, "Honk If You're Happy".  I opted not to partake because I didn't want to alarm the post rush hour traffic but the billboard made me wonder.... 

When was the last time you were happy?   I mean truly,  genuinely happy?   Was it something your son or daughter said unexpectedly,  was it a time you benefitted from a random act of kindness from a complete stranger,  was it something cute a pet did, was it an awesome song that came across the radio, perhaps "Happy" by Pharrell?

Whatever it was, I urge you to obsessively think about those things either listed or unlisted that truly makes you happy.   After doing this for a good two to three days I urge you to come back to the blog and COMMENT on the results of this "experiment".

Until we read again,


p.s. Honk Of Your Happy =)

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