Saturday, May 10, 2014

How Divorce Is Like Driving Off The Side Of A Steep Cliff

So, you're going through a divorce and the person whom you once loved more than sliced bread (and\or their divorce attorney) is being difficult to deal with.  Now there are a variety of reasons why someone may feel this way but unfortunately mind-reading is not my forte.

One thing that I have discovered is that there are two main ways to look at a situation;  A/ You view a problem as inevitable so you spend all your energy focused on managing what you perceive to be inevitable or B/ You view most problems as avoidable so you spend your energy on avoiding problems or quickly eliminating a problem after it arrives.   Once you've determined the other sides philosophy on problems you can just alter your strategy accordingly.

Take for example a long windy road along the side of a mountain that at one point is near a cliff that drops 44 feet to the hard rocky ground below.  One day almost entirely out of the blue two out of every three drivers who take this road drives off the side of the cliff at the 44 foot spot meaning only 33% of the folks that drive this road make it home safely.

Taking the above example a "B" problem solver might find it wise to keep a trained fleet of ambulances at the bottom of the hill to quickly take care of all of the drivers who take the treacherous 44 foot drop.  Whereas an "A" problem solver might suggest that a strong barrier be places alongside the side off the road where all the drivers have been driving off to prevent any future injuries or casualties.

There is an obvious best way to solve this situation which would definitely prevent the most pain.  However,  if you are dealing with someone who thinks things differently then you may want to plan accordingly.

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