Sunday, May 25, 2014

Do You Constantly Should Yourself?

When was the last time you 'SHOULD' yourself?

"I SHOULD be making more money."
"I SHOULDN'T be living where I live."
"I SHOULD be living _______. "
"That SHOULDN'T have happened."
"By this stage in my life I SHOULD have been; married, living in a mansion, earning $XXX/anum, etc."

The problem with the word SHOULD is the unnecessary tension that it causes because we can SHOULD ourselves all day long but nothing can change the present moment so there is no reason to try to change anything by saying that we should.    The best way to change is to use the power of this moment to realise where you are, assess your current situation and continue by making the necessary changes to create your desired future.

The moral of today's story is to stop SHOULD-ING all over yourself because it smells bad and it does you or no one else any benefit.

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p.s.   Happy Memorial Day, special thanks to those men and women who served our country.
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