Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free First World Problems

In a world full of the Law of Attraction it's amazing how many people think that complaining is cool.
I remember how much I laughed when I first heard about the concept of a "First World Problem" which is what only someone in a developed nation would consider a problem.  I laughed even harder when I thought about my four, yes four first world problems that I endured today.....
#1 First World Problem
No meat was served at breakfast  (which was free) just carbs; pastries, fruit and bread.   Plus the free coffee was poured in a small, measly styrofoam cup versus self-pour.
#2 First World Problem
I got a free deluxe car wash during my lunch hour and when I left work it looked like it was going to rain and a bird left a huge surprise on my hood.    :-\  Judging by the size of the surprise it may just have been a Pterodactyl.
#3 First World Problem
I had a free burrito waiting for me when I came back from my lunch but it was incredibly, almost unbearably salty and it had refried beans which are not my favourite.
#4 First World Problem
My computer didn't work so I had to write this on my smart phone.
Now, either myself or anyone else who experienced these "problems" could have mentally focused on:
* How much your breakfast and lunch fell short of your expectations.
* How annoying it would've been if it had rained on your 100% Free Deluxe Car Wash and the hassle of having to clean up some unexpected bird droppings from your perfectly washed hood.
*How much your computer sucks and how you wished you could throw it out the window.
Or you could focus on:
* How lucky you are to not only get free coffee, but to get free breakfast, lunch AND a car wash!
* How much you love the smell and sound of the rain and how you might just see an awesome rainbow or rainbows!
* How it's time to get a new computer anyway and start shopping around for the latest and greatest new technologies.   :-)
Millionaire author T. Harv Ecker has an awesome quote from one of his books that paraphrased reads "If you focus on the crap you become a living, breathing crap magnet."  
The moral of todays story is that you can focus on the dark side of your first world problems or you can focus on the bright side of them and on life.
The choice is totally yours.
Until we read again.....

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