Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Lebron James and Peyton Manning Have In Common

Is This Really Happening Right Now?

While sitting poolside today, one of my daughters asked the following question, "Is This Really Happening Right Now."    I smiled at this curious question because how often are we in situations and we have to literally pinch ourselves because the moment that we are living is so surreal?   Maybe it was on a vacation, maybe it was that precise moment where you and that dream someone shared that first kiss....   However, this moment isn't always favorable. 

I'm sure when Lebron James was locked in a congratulatory embrace with winning Spurs head coach Greg Popovich he asked himself "Is This Really Happening Right Now."   Probably the same thing that Peyton Manning thought when he walked off Metlife Field in New Jersey after last years tragic Super Bowl loss.   I am a life-long Denver Broncos fan so let's never speak about that game again.  

Win-Lose.jpg (480×360)

In my humble opinion one interesting thing in sports than watching a team lose a major match-up because there are a lot more life-lessons in losing than in winning.    Don't get me wrong, there is magic and joy in winning that is unrivaled in many other life experiences however, we learn a lot more about ourselves and of life when we experience loss. 

We learn what we need to do better, we learn that life isn't always "fair" and more importantly we get more value out of our next win.    Because let's face it as one of my favorite bosses used to say "Winner's Win". 

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p.s.   Let's end where we started.    Did you notice what Lebron and Peyton did almost immediately after losing their respective tournaments?    They congratulated the opponent.     This is a fantastic strategy because not only is it good sportsmanship it's also a way to make yourself immediately feel better by sending out good vibes to someone who is really happy.   

p.p.s.   Another thing about losing that you might want to remember is that your family and your true friends will always love you regardless.    

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