Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where You Gonna Be In The Next 10 Years?

If you read yesterday's post you know that someone always has it better than you and someone always has it worse off than you do.    Such is life and that will never change.

Since father's day is right around the corner let's take some time to appreciate the man you call Dad.   Let's face different extremes.     Perhaps you have the perfect text book father that gave you wonderful advice, was there in your corner every step of the way and helped you rise to the highest levels of success in life.    The other extreme is maybe you never knew your father or he walked out of your life at a very early age.     Most of us have fathers that were somewhere in between.    Whatever end of the spectrum your Dad falls on just make sure that you take the time to think about what you appreciate about him and take the time to let him know this Sunday.      (For those of you in creative situations make sure that you think of creative ways to thank "dad".    Perhaps you don't know your Dad and your Mom is your "dad".   If you fall into that situation make sure you thank Mom for the dual parental role that she plays and has played in your life.)   Remember that regardless of your circumstances your Dad probably did the best that he knew how considering the circumstances,   so go easy on him.   =)

NOW, for all your Dad's out there HAPPY EARLY FATHERS DAY!!!!!     Only because it's not Sunday yet and I want your children to have the best upbringing possible I have a little exercise for you.     Think about a future time, say 10 years from now.    How do you want your kids to look at you at that point in time?  

We all are obviously going to have different answers but whatever your answer may be, make sure that you take a moment   close your eyes and visualize that version of you 10 years hence.     Go ahead, do this, I'll wait for you.......

[[   Insert Pleasant Hold Music Here  ]]

Welcome back, now rewind back to this very moment in time.    Grab a working pen and a clean piece of paper and start writing all of the things that you need to start doing right this very moment in order to become that future father.    What do you need to start doing and what do you need to stop doing?    

Congrats if you have an empty page in front of you and are on pace to becoming that father that you wish to become.   If you have a blank page because you didn't do the exercise then now is the time to  Go Back and re-read the previous paragraph before continuing to the next paragraph.  

Okay, now start going to work on your list.   Use your back from the future insight to become the father that your child(ren) deserve.

Until we read again,


p.s.   COMMENT if you like my post.    What do you appreciate about your Dad?   What do you appreciate about being a father?

p.p.s.    I appreciate my current awesomely brilliant follower.    The rest of you, The More The Merrier!!!

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