Thursday, July 3, 2014

How To Miss Your Kids

Divorce is an interesting thing.   You are now mortal enemies with someone you loved dearly (in some cases).   It's even more different if there are children involved.   All of a sudden your children who you were able to see anytime you weren't busy are only available to hang out certain times of the month.

If you,  like me, miss your kids like nothing you have ever experienced when they are not with you what do you do?  You could ask the opposing parent for additional parenting time but if your situation is anything like mine you would have a better chance growing taller overnight.

So what do you do?  You can ask for more parenting time through the courts and you may or may not get it but what do you do during the interim?  Thought you would never ask....

This is what I've done.  My twin daughters are turning six this year and since they turned three I opened an email account for them and I'll write them periodic messages.   This is a way to feel an emotional connection with your children by writing them now in a perceived future.   Make sure you remember the e-mail password and above all else keep it classy.   Divorce is between you and your ex and should have nothing to do with your children.   This email journaling should just be all about you and your child's relationship.

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