Friday, July 11, 2014

All Things Are Awesome & I Don't Particularly Even Like Legos

A Phenomenal Paradigm Shift That All But Guarantees Increased Happiness

When I was in my late teens I read Steven Covey's wonderful best seller The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People for the first time.   The book has been read several times since and every time I peruse its contents I derive something different from the words on the pages.     One thing that really stuck out during the first reading of the book was regarding paradigms and paradigm shifts. 

Covey tells the story of being on a bus when a fellow who seemed really nonchalant and out of sorts boards with four unruly children who are displaying highly disruptive behaviours.   Feeling a little peeved at the father's lack of attention towards his children Covey asks the father if he could perhaps talk to his children about their disruptive behaviours, which are visibly having a negative effect on Covey and some of the other passengers, and perhaps have the children sit quietly for the remainder of the trip.  The father apologies for his lack of discipline and tells Covey that they just came from the hospital where the children's mother and his wife just passed away and how he guesses that him and his children just don't know how to act at that moment.   Covey went on to say  how this information caused him to switch his mind-set, or paradigm, about the situation  from a state of mild annoyance to one of helpfulness and sympathy.  

Isn't it amazing how just one minor tweak in our mind-set can have a tremendous impact on our perceptions.    Earlier today I was drawn to a particular paradigm that may cause you and me to have an instant increase in satisfaction.    Here's the catch, you won't be reading about it now.   However, you will learn all about it after I field test this belief for a few days to a week. 

Make it an excellent week!

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