Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is It Lucky To See A Grand Slam?

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My only concern about having two girls was that they were probably not going to be into sports to the extent which I was.   I know, I know fickle but this is what I was thinking about at the time.     My daughters were born in a Thursday in September and were in the hospital for a few days so when we woke up that Sunday morning I had the girls watch NFL Football which just happens to be my favourite sport and explained the game to them.    My master plan was that they would like something that they had been watching since they were three days old. 

Between the ages of one and two the girls really loved watching American football with me.    They would sit there in their onesies and even go as far as to put both arms up and say "touchdown" every time the team that I was rooting for did something favorable.  This was a proud moment for me. 

Since their mom and I broke up my daughters aged and went from liking to watch sports with me to totally disliking it.  

In the last two years my daughters and I somehow have watched two baseball games together, which is a curious choice because even though I respect baseball it has to be one of my least favourite spectator games.    The first game we watched was one of the ALCS games between the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox.   My reasoning for watching this game was out of my severe dislike for the Red Sox.    At the bottom of the 8th inning David "Big Papi" Ortiz drilled a grand slam to all but guarantee a Boston win.     Both of my girls were laughing hysterically as I yelled at the screen while all this was happening.   Those two love to laugh at me when my team loses, in a fun way of course. 

Fast forward to last Saturday.   We were at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix to watch the local Arizona Diamondbacks play my home state Colorado Rockies.     Let me just say that the girls WERE NOT happy about being at the game because they would have much rather have been playing with their friends or anything else.    Eventually they warmed up to the game and then got really excited when they realized that my team was losing to the local team who they decided to root for.

Then it happened.    Bottom of the 8th, David Peralta of the Arizona Diamondbacks belted a grand slam over the right field wall.    The girls went crazy and I just sat there in disbelief, kind of like when the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in this years Super Bowl. 

Here are the four similarities that I noticed from both ball games that the girls and I watched

  1. Both Games Had A Grand Slam 
  2. In The Eighth Inning
  3. Hit By A Fellow Name David
  4. Against The Team I Was Rooting For
There have been several conversations with baseball fans since the event and although all of them said they had seen a grand slam on a televised game somewhere along the line but no one ever said that they had seen a live grand slam.   One fellow went on to tell me that he had been to over 100 MLB games and has not witnessed a grand slam. 

Now is this a lucky omen?   I don't know what the omen would be but the facts just make me wonder.   Or maybe all of this was coincidence.   Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.     One thing that I have not yet decided is weather or not I want to watch another baseball game with my kids because I kinda want to keep this record in tact but then again if the exact same thing happened, I could write off this phenomenon as a coincidence. 

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